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Catherine Liu on the Professional Managerial ClassListen now (54 min) | New on the pod
Why Mike Cernovich Hates TrumpListen now (69 min) | And why I like Mike Cernovich
Wayne Hsiung, Shant Mesrobian and Me on Wokeness as the Ideology of the EliteListen now (133 min) | New on the pod
Alex Gutentag on school closures, masking and vaccine mandates, and the great Covid wealth transferListen now (58 min) | New on the pod
Kmele Foster, Anna Khachiyan and Lee Fang on vaccine mandates, Foucault, neoliberalism & moreListen now (82 min) | This week on the podcast, I had Kmele Foster from The Fifth Column, Anna Khachiyan from Red Scare, and The Intercept’s Lee Fang o…
White Coat Waste Project's Justin Goodman on animal experimentation, Anthony Fauci and the lab leak hypothesisListen now (50 min) | New on the pod
Pulmonologist Katie Hisert on vaccine hesitancy, Ivermectin and other Covid controversiesListen now (57 min) | My podcast guest this week is a lung doctor and a medical research scientist whom I’ve known since we were both little kids. Kati…
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