Aug 31, 2021 • 57M

Pulmonologist Katie Hisert on vaccine hesitancy, Ivermectin and other Covid controversies

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Photo: Jonah Markowitz

My podcast guest this week is a lung doctor and a medical research scientist whom I’ve known since we were both little kids. Katie Hisert, MD, PhD, has an even wider scope than most experts on how microbes like SARS-CoV-2 virus operate, having observed them both from the hospital bedside and in the laboratory.

Media reports on Covid-19 have become so politicized that I’ve found it nearly impossible to find reliable answers to basic questions about transmissibility, what’s known and unknown about the vaccines, and other critical questions. You can’t get any more reliable than someone like Katie, so I took this opportunity to get into some of the dicier stuff: Ivermectin, vaccine risks, etc. I learned an enormous amount from this discussion and sincerely hope that others will, too. I highly recommend giving this episode a listen.


P.S. I’m releasing this episode publicly at once rather than giving it to paid subscribers in advance as I normally do, because of the urgency of the subject matter.