Glenn Greenwald on the Media and a Divided America

How the Media is Failing Us All


Welcome to the debut episode of my new podcast. I decided to start this show because I have the privilege of knowing a lot of brilliant people, and I figure anyone who’s interested in my thoughts will be interested in theirs, too. This is a way to share their perspectives with you. I’m incredibly excited to see where this project goes, and I hope you’ll share some of that excitement, too.

My first guest is my friend and collaborator Glenn Greenwald. We talk about the media industry, its shifting business model, and how it’s dividing us against each other.

I’m releasing this first episode publicly all at once. Going forward, I’ll release each episode to my paid subscribers first, and then to the rest of the world a week later. If you’re interested in hearing the show on a timely basis, please become a subscriber!