Apr 18 • 1HR 22M

Free Ranging with Ethan Strauss

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Ethan Strauss, who substacks at House of Strauss, is the author of The Victory Machine, a book about the Golden State Warriors. We talked a little bit about professional sports in this episode — specifically, about the wokeness of the NBA — but mostly we just yakked about whatever came up, which included Elon Musk and Twitter, cancel culture, Tucker Carlson, Black Lives Matter, and the Group Chat.

You can read Ethan’s post on the Group Chat here:

House of Strauss
The Group Chat
On Tuesday, the New York Times published a focus group analysis of eight guys, titled, “These 8 Conservative Men Are Making No Apologies.” This set off anger among influencers who don’t believe such people require or really deserve further study. There’s even a Raw Story essay titled, …
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